Outburn Academy Outburn Academy is the only educational centre in Israel for FHIR-based healthcare interoperability

Outburn's Training Services

The training at Outburn Academy is diverse in terms of the type of training, the content, the target audiences, the scope and suitability to the client’s requirements.

All our training sessions are hands-on, with integrated exercises based on real-life use-cases. Courses include a final project!

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Content: Comprehensive workshops for FHIR implementation. This course will cover all the subjects an implementor will need in order to accomplish their job: 

Specification, Resources, Profiles and profiling, Bundles, Strategy, Architecture and more

Length: 3 days

Target Audience: systems analysts, implementers and project managers

Content: Learn the basics of profiling, while using FSH – a powerful and fast language for FHIR® resources

Length: 8 Hours total, over 3 sessions

Target Audience: System analysts, FHIR profilers

Each course participant receives a certificate upon completion



Content: Introduction to FHIR at the level of the specification, concepts, data types, resources, terminology, etc.

Length: 2-5 hours, depending on tailoring

Target audience: All interested parties

Content: Technologically focused – Bundle, simplifier, profiling, architecture, terminology, façade implementation.

Length: TBA

For developers and integration experts

Content: TBA

Length: TBA

Target Audience: C-level executives



Content: A basic introduction to FHIR for all levels

Length: 2 hours

Target audience: All

How to use Simplifier to host your projects and how to quickly and easily find anything you are looking for.

Content: Learn the ins and outs of FHIR® Bundles, a container that enables the grouping, transmitting, and retrieving of many resources at once, and an essential tool for any FHIR professional

Length: 3 hours

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Why Choose Us - Our Benefits

Years of combined knowledge in Health tech and FHIR®

Experienced at teaching FHIR®, and come highly recommended

Proven track record in launching FHIR® projects

Industry leaders in Israel - we know the business and are well known in the business

Specifically tailored training for your organization's requirements

Outburn is the only company in Israel that is part of the HL7 network

All these guarantee that your team will be ready to launch your interoperability journey!