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Lead the way in healthcare interoperability and navigate FHIR® disruption with FUME, a flexible and intuitive FHIR® converter designed for any use case.
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Fuel Your FHIR® Transformation with FUME

The adoption of the FHIR® standard is set to ignite a new era of healthcare interoperability and streamlined data exchange, reshaping the industry as we know it. FUME simplifies the complexities of FHIR® conversion, freeing you to focus on what truly matters: providing high-quality healthcare.

Fast Track to FHIR® Compliance

Flatten the learning curve and reduce development efforts, slashing costs and time-to-market by 50%.

Democratize FHIR® Conversion

Empower data analysts to define complex mappings and create valid FHIR® resources, eliminating bottlenecks.

Topology Agnostic

Run FUME on any platform and seamlessly integrate with any legacy system or solution.


The Industry Standard for Frictionless FHIR® Conversion
FUME Designer‘s interactive interface, combined with FUME Engine‘s powerful FHIR® conversion capabilities, are setting the benchmark for transforming legacy data, including HL7v2, to and from FHIR®.

Fume designer

Flexible and Interactive FHIR® Mapper

Create and manage conversion mappings with FUME Designer’s user-friendly graphical interface.

Interactive FHIR® Conversion

Convert any structured data format, including HL7v2, XML, FHIR® STU3, or custom formats, to and from FHIR® via a graphical interface.

User-Friendly Interface

Empower data analysts to create and manage conversion mappings on their own, eliminating the development bottleneck.

Intuitive Mapping Language

Simplify FHIR® conversions with FUME's powerful mapping language (FLASH) that blends the power of FSH and JSONata into an easy-to-understand, compact syntax.

Comprehensive Function Library

Perform sophisticated data manipulations with ease, utilizing FUME Designer's robust function library.

Live JSON Preview

Engage with your data dynamically and preview conversion results in real-time.

Effortless Profile Import

Import custom FHIR® profiles or leverage the power of built-in CORE profiles

Seamless Terminology Services

Manage, validate, and apply terminologies, CodeSystems, and ConceptMaps within your FHIR® resources.

Unlock the limitless possibilities of healthcare interoperability with FUME


Execute Two-Way Legacy-to-FHIR® conversions via an API

FUME Engine is the core of our FHIR® conversion and interoperability solution. Execute complex data transformations, automate repetitive tasks, and customize the FHIR® conversion process to solve your unique interoperability challenges.

API-based Execution

Expose your transformation maps as APIs for seamless interoperability.

Flexible Integration

Push mappings through RESTful API or ingest them as StructureMap resources from any FHIR® server.

Conform to Custom Profiles

Streamline conformance to profiles, ensuring frictionless alignment with CORE and organizational FHIR® standards.

Reuse FHIR® Conformance Resources

Maximize efficiency by reusing saved mappings, simplifying the implementation of complex logic.

Inline Code Translations

Perform inline code translations between different terminologies using ConceptMap resources.

Experience the Future of FHIR® Transformation with FUME

Explore the different ways you can leverage FUME in your FHIR® transformation journey. Dive right in with the open-source FUME Community, or unlock enhanced capabilities with the robust, feature-rich FUME Enterprise.

FUME Playground

Create Custom FHIR® Mappings for Free in Fume Designer’s Public Sandbox, no installation or configuration is required.

How it works:

  1. Open your data sample.
  2. Select your template.
  3. Map your data elements.
  4. Use the function library as needed.
  5. Watch your JSON evolve in real-time.
  6. Generate and export your mapping.
Optional: Execute your mapping for free with FUME Community Edition.

Ideal for:
  • Test-Driving FUME Designer
  • Small-Scale FHIR® Mapping

FUME Community

Kickstart your FHIR® interoperability journey with the open-source edition of FUME Engine.

How it works:

Create your mappings in FUME Playground, then import them into the FUME Community to seamlessly execute Legacy-to-FHIR® conversions in your environment using a powerful API.

Ideal For
  • Exploring FHIR® Conversion
  • Small-Scale Interoperability Projects
  • Limited-Scope Initiatives
  • Straightforward Use Cases

FUME Enterprise

Supercharge your FHIR® transformation with our comprehensive solution, combining the intuitive FUME Designer, powerful FUME Engine, and expert support. Enterprise edition includes additional features and capabilities.

How it works:

FUME Enterprise combines the intuitive FUME Designer with the powerful FUME Engine, setting a new standard for enterprise-grade Legacy-to-FHIR® conversion. It is much more feature rich than the Community edition.

Ideal For:
  • Enterprise-Level Interoperability Initiatives
  • Large-Scale FHIR® Integration Projects
  • Complex Legacy System Transformations
  • High-Volume Data Conversion Requirements

Discover Your Perfect FUME Match

Compare the features of our offerings to identify the perfect fit for your data transformation requirements.
FUME Community
FUME Enteprise
Run transformations using RESTful API
Support for various input types (JSON, CSV, HL7 V2)
Full HL7v2 terminology dictionaries
Use resources (Profiles, Extensions, ConceptMaps) stored on the FHIR® server
In-memory cache
Flexible deployment options (cloud-based or on-prem, Docker compatible)
Import external packages
Import external packages into a FHIR® server
Generate FLASH templates for any resource, datatype, or profile
Browse, open, edit, and save FUME mappings

Your Trusted Partner in Navigating the FHIR® Standard

Embark on your healthcare interoperability journey with Outburn, world-leading experts driving the FHIR® standard adoption in Israel and beyond. We serve as your trusted partner in navigating the intricacies of Legacy-to-FHIR® conversion.

World-Leading Expertise

Leverage our extensive experience and expertise in HL7® FHIR® design and implementation to ensure a seamless transition to the FHIR® standard.

End-to-End Service

Utilize our extensive range of consulting services and ongoing support throughout your FHIR® transformation journey.

Expert-Led Training

Learn from industry-leading experts and benefit from our in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in FHIR-based healthcare interoperability.

Turn Legacy-to-FHIR® conversion challenges into opportunities for enhanced healthcare interoperability with Outburn.
Dive Deeper

FUME Tutorials

Learn the fundamentals of how to get started with FUME. Watch our in-depth training videos on FHIR conversions, string manipulations, Code Translations, profile creation, and more.

Want to learn more? Explore our comprehensive Documentation
Want to learn more? Explore our comprehensive Documentation


FUME is a comprehensive Legacy-to-FHIR transformation solution consisting of two primary components: FUME Engine and FUME Designer. 

  • FUME Designer offers an interactive interface to create and manage conversion mappings.
  • FUME Engine provides powerful two-way Legacy-to-FHIR® conversion capabilities via API. FUME engine functions as a bridge, empowering disparate systems to interact through FHIR, regardless of their internal data formats. 

Together, FUME Engine and FUME Designer set the benchmark for transforming legacy data, including HL7v2, to and from FHIR®.

No, FUME is not an ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tool. Instead, it operates as a specialized transformer/mapper, facilitating conversions between diverse data structures and FHIR.

FUME’s role diverges from traditional ETL systems in that it does not extract or load data. Rather, it synergizes with existing tools, including ETL systems, on these processes.

While FUME does not fall into the ETL tool category, it significantly enhances the ‘T,’ or Transformation, aspect of ETL. It efficiently translates data into FHIR format and vice versa. 

This is made possible by designing (via FUME Designer) and implementing (through FUME Engine) conversion maps that provide detailed instructions on how to transform one data format into another. FUME exposes the customized Conversion Maps as APIs, creating a bridge for other tools to use. 

By simplifying the mapping and conversion of data to and from the FHIR format, FUME complements rather than replaces ETL tools and processes.

FUME provides a wide range of benefits that greatly enhance data transformation processes and interoperability. Here are some of the key advantages:

  1. Interoperability: FUME serves as a dynamic connector, seamlessly bridging various systems via FHIR. By exposing customized conversion maps as APIs, FUME acts as a flexible bridge between systems, enabling different platforms to communicate seamlessly via FHIR without the need for modifications to their internal data structures. 
  2. Empowering data analysts: FUME offers a user-friendly mapper which simplifies the management and configuration of conversion mappings. Its intuitive graphic interface empowers users, even those without coding expertise, to manage data transformations independently without developers.
  3. Streamlined Development: FUME’s uniform API removes the need for custom FHIR adaptations. This not only speeds up the process but also reduces the likelihood of errors associated with customized solutions.
  4. Efficient Data Transformation: FUME specializes in converting data from any format into FHIR format and vice versa, ensuring the compatibility of any system with FHIR.

One of the major advantages of FUME is that it does not require advanced programming or integration expertise, making it suitable for a wide variety of users.

FUME is a user-friendly tool designed with system analysts, data specialists, and implementation professionals in mind. These users can seamlessly create and manage data conversion maps for Legacy-to-FHIR transformations, all without the need for advanced programming or integration skills.

In terms of organizational use, FUME is particularly beneficial for healthcare institutions, health tech startups, medical research facilities, health insurance companies, and any organization seeking to leverage FHIR for improved data interoperability.

Yes, the core engine of FUME, which handles conversions and runs conversion maps, is indeed open-source and freely accessible. In addition, FUME provides the Playground—a public sandbox hosted on Outburn’s public server—where users can experiment and gain hands-on experience with FUME Designer in an interactive environment.

A combination of the open-source FUME Community and FUME Playground serves as an excellent starting point for effortless FHIR conversion, especially for smaller-scale projects or initial exploration.

FUME also offers an enterprise-grade edition called FUME Enterprise that offers enhanced capabilities, dedicated support, and advanced functionality for organizations seeking a comprehensive solution for their advanced data transformation requirements.

FLASH is an enhanced syntax developed by Outburn.

FLASH language is built upon the foundational FSH (FHIR Shorthand), combined with JSONATA’s advanced functionalities for dynamic interaction with the structures of source systems. 

The key benefit of FLASH is its efficiency and simplicity – it allows you to generate a JSON representation of an entire FHIR resource with just a few commands.

FLASH empowers users, even those without extensive programming knowledge, such as system analysts, to create their own transformations.

While FUME is capable of executing transformations without the need for a dedicated FHIR Server, having one expands the possibilities with our product.

FUME’s engine makes use of your existing FHIR Server to store your StructureMaps, making your customized mappings accessible via APIs that can be called from any system. By calling FUME APIs, you can convert your structured input data into FHIR or transform it into a native data structure using your custom conversion functions. 

However, if you do not have your own FHIR server to store your mappings, FUME has got you covered. You can utilize FUME’s built-in Conformance Server to store your mappings.

Absolutely. FUME is designed with integrated support for FHIR profiles, ensuring compatibility with both current and future FHIR standards. Importantly, it also supports Implementation Guide (IG) Core packages, with full support for IL CORE packages.

Absolutely. FUME is designed to handle conversions of value sets and coding systems directly within the mapping. Moreover, we are future-ready – upcoming versions of our product will facilitate the import of CSV files and other formats to streamline non-hierarchical coding system conversions.