Inaccessibility of Patient Information
Accessing a patient’s full EMR is often a difficult task. Their medical history is scattered across clinics, hospitals and their HMO, and providers may or may not have access to them. This means clunky transfer of medical records to caregivers and tedious recitation of medical history by patients, affecting continuity of care.
Technical Barriers to Sharing Healthcare Data
Patient information is often fragmented in healthcare organizations, distributed among various systems and using local code systems. Security and privacy concerns further hinder information sharing, preventing organizations from exchanging data with each other and with patients. These barriers make it difficult for organizations to adopt innovative solutions such as connected devices or real-time DSS for practitioners.
Difficulty in Gathering Data for Research
The potential of medical data for Big Data studies is significant, but hindered by challenges with data collection and consolidation. Without unified data, it's difficult to identify trends in patient health and well-being, and research can be costly and lengthy. By overcoming these challenges, medical data can drive medical breakthroughs and streamline clinical trial approvals.
Patients are Also Messengers
In Israel, patients struggle to manage their medical data due to the burden of paperwork required for treatment, regardless of the provider. This involves collecting, sharing, and transferring physical documents across clinics, hospitals, and private providers, which is time-consuming and inefficient.

True Interoperability with Outburn

At Outburn, we're dedicated to helping healthcare organizations achieve true interoperability through our state-of-the-art HL7® FHIR® framework.

Our goal is to enable seamless data sharing and information exchange, leading to improved patient outcomes, lower mortality rates, reduced preventable hospitalizations, and cost savings. With decades of experience in healthcare and technology, our team of experts can help your organization optimize and improve patient care quality.

Partner with us to benefit from our technical expertise and value-added experience.



We offer full consultation services for data management and interoperability, specializing in digital health and medical information systems. Our team is expert in HL7® FHIR® design and implementation, from strategy and planning to detailed design and implementation.
Customized FHIR® Solutions
Customized FHIR® Solutions
With each organization’s unique needs and challenges in mind, Outburn offers custom integration and FHIR® solution design that can help you improve efficiency, reduce errors, and enhance the quality of care. Our team of experts uses specialized tools and solutions, such as terminology service, conversions, and profiles, to create customized solutions perfect for you.
Consulting Services
Consulting Services
We offer comprehensive consulting services for organizations looking to optimize their operations and improve patient care quality. From initial planning and design to delivery and maintenance, our team has extensive experience in the industry, with a proven track record of delivering successful results for our clients.
Implementation Services for FHIR® Solutions
Implementation Services for FHIR® Solutions
Outburn's team offers a range of implementation services for various platforms and FHIR solutions, including FACADE/HYBRID and SERVER topology. Our delivery model is highly flexible, fast, and adaptable, allowing us to handle turnkey projects from planning to implementation, and maintenance.
FHIR® profiling and IG
FHIR® profiling and IG
Our team of experts are skilled in creating quality custom FHIR profiles using slicing and following the FSH (FHIR Shorthand) specification. This ensures that all data exchanged using the standard is precise, streamlined, and fully interoperable.
Outburn Academy - Customized training
Outburn Academy - Customized training
Outburn Academy is the only vendor in Israel with extensive experience in FHIR training. Our expert instructors have a deep understanding of the technology and its advantages. So far this year, we have already trained more than 200 healthcare and healthTech experts have already been trained by Outburn Academy.
FUME - FHIR® converter
FUME - FHIR® converter
FUME is a groundbreaking toolkit designed by Outburn to simplify and accelerate the FHIR transformation process. It reduces development time and resources while providing long-lasting solutions tailored to your organization's specific needs. With FUME, you can easily convert your legacy data into FHIR resources, streamline data exchange, and optimize your operations.
Looking for guidance on your FHIR journey?
    What Type of Educational Programs Do We Offer?
  • Customized workshops

    • Content: In-depth design and technology workshops
    • Duration: 2-4 days
  • Webinars

    • Content: Various implementation, design and architecture issues
    • Duration: 1.5 hours
    Who Is It For?
  • System analysts and project managers

  • Medical managers (C-Level)

  • Integration, development and technology experts

    Why Us?
  • Trainers are interoperability & FHIR experts

  • Hands-on real life scenarios for practice and demonstration

  • Long-track, hands-on experience in digital health

Webinar HIT - #1
Daniel Mechanik
CTO & Founder, Outburn Ltd.
Dr. Refael Barkan
V.P, HIT College
Webinar HIT - #2
Daniel Mechanik
CTO & Founder, Outburn Ltd.
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Dr. Shira Greenfeld
Director of Medical Informatics
Maccabi Health Services
I highly recommend working with Outburn, True professional team, frontline masters of FHIR, very devoted and working out of true passion to make a change in the world of healthcare.
Dr. Esther Saiag
Deputy Director for Information & Operation
Tel Aviv Medical Center
I have had the pleasure of working with Outburn for the past year. They are very creative people with a deep knowledge of FHIR and problem solving. They have a deep understanding of medical systems. I have seen their work from the planning stage, through project management and all the way to implementation and they have always maintained the highest standards. I am happy to recommend Outburn to any company looking for FHIR solutions, big or small.
Ronen Abramov
Senior Architect
Ministry of Health Israel
For the past year I had a pleasure of working with Outburn on multiple FHIR projects and the Israeli Core. I was impressed by the depth of FHIR knowledge and understanding of the intricacies of the healthcare ecosystem. More importantly, though, they never lost sight of the big picture - even when working on smaller projects they are always thinking how to ensure the project’s success and advance the whole ecosystem at the same time.
Dr. Uri Lerner
FHIR Project Manager, Medical Informatics Data and Digital Health
Maccabi Health Services
My personal journey into FHIR wouldn't have been the same without the support and guidance given by Outburn LTD. As the organizational FHIR leader in Maccabi, working with business and technology teams alike, my daily interactions are complex and requires in-depth knowledge of customer's needs (whether they are physicians, nursing or paramedical staff), along with compliance to data-related issues defined by our IT division. This requires wide understanding of the full scope of FHIR , and Outburn's strategic outlook helped me navigate through various challenges and come up with the proper solutions, towards patient-centric products that do not interfere with our medical professionals' daily practice. As FHIR becomes a key component in Israel's digital health ecosystem, the need for consultants who understand the intricate relations of the clinical and IT aspects of a medical organization becomes crucial. By working with Outburn's team from the get-go , we gained a smoother transition to this new, "on FHIR", era.
Roy Cohen
Head of De-Identification and Research
Ministry of Health
When working on FHIR adaptation on the national level, we needed experts in healthcare data, interoperability, and organizational change. Outburn's team brought all of that, along with operational abilities and spirit that hurled us forward towards milestones that we had not thought were possible in tight timelines.
Ronen Tal
Head of Data & Analytics
Maccabi Health care Services
Outburn's team is managing Maccabi's FHIR program in the IT department and lead both the detailed design for representing data of legacy systems in FHIR and data architecture solutions. The team demonstrates a high level and deep understanding of medical data structures and business processes, that are unique for a health organization. With the help of Outburn we are confident that Maccabi will continue to be a leader in FHIR implementation in Israel
Barak Shukrun
Chief Data Office, IT Division
Ministry of Health
The course 'In-depth HealthCare interoperability' conducted by Outburn for the Data Department at Ministry of Health was very thorough and insight full. Outburn's experts demonstrated impressive and detailed understanding of different aspects of the Israeli healthcare ecosystem. The exercises focused on solving real-world issues using FHIR and standard terminologies. Our team is now able to design solutions for interoperability issues harnessing the knowledge they gained during the course. Dealing with potential use-cases was very important in order to define the first and the next steps in FHIR. Outburn's team is available to consultation and being professional partner.


Are any of the following scenarios familiar to you?
Health Organization
Preparing data sets for research and extracting DICOM takes too much effort
Each study requires investing time to define data sources and define and run
Lest's talk
Adding new integrations is time-consuming, costly, difficult to track
Each integration starts from scratch: we define, implement, and trace new interfaces
Lest's talk
It’s tedious to turn our fragmented and messy data into insights
We need coherent data so we can respond rapidly to changes and crises such as COVID19
Lest's talk
Practitioners spend too much time on paperwork & bureaucracy
A better data exchange between organizations could eliminate time-consuming tasks
Lest's talk
Research & Pharma
De-identification requirements change for each study
Even reusing data requires preparation, which is time-consuming, expensive, and dependent on IT
Lest's talk
Each organization uses different codes for the same concepts
Learning different vocabularies and the meaning of every code is a never-ending effort
Lest's talk
A patient's medical record is scattered across different organizations
Accessing a patient’s complete EHR means consolidating data from various organizations
Lest's talk
Research data sets cannot be reused for different studies
Data queries are specific to one study in one organization due to differing structures
Lest's talk
The app I’m developing for patients needs to integrate with an EHR 
Each EHR integration requires new product and interface customizations
Lest's talk
My algorithm could predict serious diseases if it has access to a patient’s EHR
The algorithm can’t process data that is spread across many different systems
Lest's talk
It’s difficult to train my AI/ML algorithm with noisy or messy data
With no standardization in healthcare data structures, we often get nonsensical data
Lest's talk
I want my app to be FHIR-ready for the U.S market
My product must comply with ONC’s Cures Act Final Rule by the end of 2022
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