FHIR® Solutions Showcase for tech leaders: 27.10.2022 

By: Amos (Kippi) Bordowitz

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Outburn is happy to announce the first showcase event of FHIR® solutions, brewed specifically for representatives of Israeli healthcare organizations. The meeting will be held on October 27th, 2022 and will take place online via Zoom.

In the event, technological representatives from the leading vendors of FHIR platforms will present their FHIR solutions – servers and/or façades. The event is targeted for technological representatives of organizations in the Israeli healthcare system, architects, CTOs, and application managers – both from hospitals and the community (HMOs).


What will you get out of it?

There are several solutions out in the market these days. Should you go for a server or a façade? Which one will suit your requirements better? Which vendor’s solution can best be tailored for your needs? This showcase will help answer all these questions and help you make an informed decision for your organization.

Following a brief introduction, each vendor will present their solution, including a live demo of a specific use-case selected by Outburn to demonstrate some of the solution’s capabilities. This may help shed light on the different ways each vendor chose to solve the same common problem.

We aim to keep the event short and concise. To this end we have dictated strict rules for each presenter, with their presentation covering 5 slides only. Each vendor will have 20 minutes to present their solution, including the live scenario demonstration.

The speakers will include representatives from the following vendors: Google, Microsoft, Fire.ly, InterSystems and Yael Software Group (representing the SmileCDR platform).


What will the vendors present?

Each vendor will begin with a description of their product/solution for enabling data exchange based on FHIR, while elaborating on actual experience of the vendor, or vendor’s partners, in providing the solution.

In each of the architectural approaches (server, façade or hybrid solution) the vendors will demonstrate the following:  

·        FHIR FAÇADE architecture implementation (without DB/repository)

·        FHIR SERVER implementation

·        Hybrid-based architecture implementation (FAÇADE/SERVER)

·        Cloud deployment and SolaaS (Solution as a service) support

Next, we will hear about the features and capabilities of the solution, followed by a presentation of two case studies / customer stories.

Finally, each vendor will present the live demonstration of our use-case. The primary purpose of the use case is to explore how each of the FHIR solutions implements basic configuration & validation requirements that are frequently encountered in healthcare organizations. The demonstration will include live POST transactions that will showcase the solution’s ability to validate resources based on custom profiles, bindings, invariants and more.


Each vendor’s solution will support some or all of the following features. The balance of these will help you understand which solution is right for you:

·        SMART on FHIR® 2.0 support – Allows for OAuth 2.0 dependent open-source, standards-based API that leverages the OAuth 2.0 standard to provide secure, universal access to EHRs.

·        Custom operation outcome – ability to customize the information, error and warning messages returned by the server in an OperationOutcome

·        Validation of custom profiles

·        Ability to retrieve data with SQL–like Queries 

·        Transaction Bundle support

·        Bulk FHIR – rapidly import or export large amounts of data using bulk operations

·        Conditional operations (create, update ,delete) and conditional Reference – Read more on these in our short post on the subject!

·        CQL (clinical query language) – a high-level, domain-specific language focused on clinical quality and targeted at measure and decision support artifact authors








to the event: 

 A. Objectives, introduction of vendors, review of meeting structure 

 B. Review and alignment of main concepts, capabilities and key features that
will be reviewed, explanation of the scenario 







  Vendor A 

  Vendor B 

  Vendor C 

  Vendor D 

  Vendor E 

of solutions by the participating suppliers. 

 Each vendor has 3 parts: 

 A. An introductory presentation about the solution 

 B. Live demo of a scenario 

 C.  Q&A 



 Summary + Q&A 


If you haven’t registered for the event yet, you are most welcome to join! Please register here.

p.s. – If you’re not sure what the differences are between a FHIR® server and FHIR® façade, we’ve got you covered! Click here to read about the differences.  

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