Discover Your Perfect FUME Match

Unlock the full potential of FHIR® with a comprehensive suite of tools designed to meet the needs of large-scale healthcare systems and applications.
FUME Community
FUME Enteprise
Run transformations using RESTful API
Support for various input types (JSON, CSV, HL7 V2)
Full HL7v2 terminology dictionaries
Use resources (Profiles, Extensions, ConceptMaps) stored on the FHIR® server
In-memory cache
Flexible deployment options (cloud-based or on-prem, Docker compatible)
Import external packages
Import external packages into a FHIR® server
Generate FLASH templates for any resource, datatype, or profile
Browse, open, edit, and save FUME mappings
Manage global aliases
Use external terminology services
Dynamically update cache with configurable sizes
Mapping Designer (GUI)
Fully functional profile validator
File read/write capabilities for high-volume operations
Asynchronous task management
FHIR® bulk operations (Import & Export)
Support for NDJSON format
Support for parallel configuration with distributed cache processing
Extended logging and auditing
Create and edit ConceptMaps from within the Fume Designer
Expose terminology services using ConceptMap resources
Run transformations using RESTful API
Resource narrative generator
Administration console
Users and permissions management